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"......Package arrived today - the most well packed thing I think I have ever received ! Best £100 I've spent in a long while.
As described and looks immaculate. Thanks Stuart !......"


The items for sale on this website are a diverse collection of things that I have bought or somehow acquired over the years but no longer have a use for. Some of them are even brand new and unused. I have tried to be fair and accurate with the descriptions and have included good images where possible. If you feel the listed price is too much then make an offer.

This website was started so that I could sell my 'stuff' without having to pay the extortionate fees on other selling/auction sites. I have 100% feedback on Ebay and you can be assured that I sell my stuff in an honourable way, descriptions will be accurate and any relevant information will be included in the descriptions.

You can either pay by bank transfer or Paypal.

There are also items that I am looking for and have listed these on the Items Wanted page.