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Product Test of Bel 550, Blackspot Road Angel, Morpheous Geodesy Plus.


The test was done between 5am and 6am on a clear Monday morning with not much traffic. The first speed trap was a radar operated Gatso camera on a single carriageway. The first device to be activated was the Bel 550 radar detector as the picture shows the speedtrap wasn’t even in sight, in fact it was round a bend about 400 metres in the distance. It was showing K band with a signal strength of 1.
Driving a little closer with the Gatso just becoming visible around the left hand bend the Geodesy started to give a warning too, as the Geodesy is set to 500 metres, with the Plus features active and the speed limit on this road at 40 mph it would be giving the first signal at 350 metres with a distance of 35 metres for each light, whereas the Road Angel will show a distance of 100 mtres for each bar on the display.

In this picture the signal strength on the Bel 550 has gone up to 2 as we get closer with the Geodesy showing a distance of about 270 metres.


The Bel 550 has stopped giving a reading even though we are getting closer to the speedtrap, the Geodesy is now showing that we are about 140 metres from the Gatso camera. The white graduations are becoming visible on the carriageway and they are on the opposite side of the road. Presumably as the Road Angel is directional this is why it has kept quiet.

Driving very close to the speedtrap the 550 is still quiet but the Geodesy is letting us know that we are on top of the speedtrap by having 9 of the 10 LEDs lit up. As it is the Geodesy Plus it isn't flashing or making a noise because we are under the speed limit for that road, this being the speed sensitivity feature of the Geodesy Plus. The Bel 550 has ceased giving us any warning at all even though we are just across the road, this we believe may be due to this particular camera possibly having a very narrow radar beam maybe coupled with a weak signal strength.

Coming back from the other direction now with the Gatso facing away from us and this is the direction that we would be caught in.


The Road Angel is set to go aff at 500 metres from a speedtrap/blackspot, here it has started to give us a warning of a fixed camera position with a red screen and beeping, so we must have just come into the 500 metres range.


Driving closer the Geodesy has started to give us a warning as well, in the picture we can see that the Geodesy is showing 4 lights meaning it is within 210 metres while the Road Angel is showing 4 bars meaning within 200 metres so the 2 displays would seem to back each other up within a few metres,

Again in this image the Geodesy is showing 10 lights meaning within 35 metres while the Road Angel is showing 5 bars meaning within 100 metres. The Bel 550 is still giving no reading. Travelling past the speedtrap the Geodesy started to show green lights counting down as we moved away from the speedtrap and the Road angel went back to normal standby mode as we went past the Gatso camera. The Bel 550 gave us a brief warning when we where driving over the last of the speedtrap white lines again presumably because the beam from this particular Gatso must be very narrow and weak.